Wednesday, 12 March 2014


From normal, dry, oily to sensitive skin, we all different skin type and have specific needs, so its important to understand your skin especially your face as it is more likely to exposed to pollution and dirt than the rest of your body. The Lancome Visionnaire claims to reduce the appear of wrinkles, minimise pores and even out uneven skin tone.

The Lancome Visionnaire suggests to use it along side with the Lancome Gènifique, which I did use at the beginning, however I found that the Genifique didn't do much for my skin and once the bottled finished I just stopped using it. The Visionnaire has a mild perfume scent which fades after a few minutes. Like most serum it comes in a bottle with a pump. The product it self is a light white gel formula that goes clear once rubbed into the face.

I've been using the serum for the last 2 month as a face lotion and I absolutely love it! It is lightweight formula that doesn't break me out, nor dose it give me any allergic reaction and at the same time it gives me soft to the touch skin. It has helped with evening out my skin tone and correcting any hyper-pigmentation that I have had from previous blemishes. For minimise pores and wrinkles I haven't seen much effect to those claims yet.

If your looking for a product to even out your skin tone, give this a go. At £82 a bottle its is a luxury product but definitely worth it if it works for you, and in my case it really has.

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Lancôme Visionnaire