Monday, 18 March 2013


If your looking for an exfoliator that does not irritate the skin and leaving it dry, Cure is a gentle exfoliating gel that removes dead skin off the face leaving your skin silky soft.

Cure Aqua Gel:
'Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle, water-based exfoliant made from natural plant extracts of aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. It effectively sloughs off dead skin cells without irritating or harming skin, making it suitable even for the most sensitive skin types. After cleansing face, apply gel on face and neck. Gently massage gel into skin and see the dead skin cells immediately peel off into tiny white balls. Rinse well with water and then pat skin dry.'

Unlike traditional exfolitor with macro-bead that can be harsh on the skin this non scented gel based exfoliator is very gentle on the skin and you can see visual results! I have been using it for over a year now on and off as sometime I get super lazy and just skip it, but every time i use it i fall in love with it every time! 

I use this product about twice a week or when my skin is suffering from dry patches or dullness.
Before cleanser and with a dry face and and I use about 1-2 pumps each use and spread it over my face and leave it for about 60 seconds, after 60 secs i start to rub in circular motions, it will then starts to ball up (the dead skin!) It look pretty gross but the result leaves your skin more softer. I then rinse it off and continue with my cleansing routine.

Removes dead skin
Gentle exfoliator
Leaves the skin smooth and soft
Pleasant scent

Hard to get a hold of in the UK as it is an Asian skincare product (I ordered mine online).
Instructions in Japanese (but its pretty simple what you got to do)
Product can dry up in the pump so its hard to get the product out

Overall for me it will be a repurchase over and over again.

Check it out:

What are your thoughts?